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Im so tired of blogger. Please visit this link

Im moving the sets and updates to pastebin, at least there they will remain some more time. Please spread the word!
If you are looking for my uploads, just try with "ptmodelsets" that will be the key

Sep 3, 2025

New Candydoll Blog

Download new Candydoll models sets and videos!
Single link for every file. No unlock required!

There you can access the preview and files links.


Please spread the word, ptmodelsets is not dead!

Mar 13, 2021

Download full resolution Sets and Videos from MEGA (Megaupload)

1.- Complete a survey, it only takes some minutes. Unlocking tips:
  • Downloads: Make sure to accept any optional toolbars or third party applications during the installation to unlock the page. Just downloading an application is not enough to get an unlock.
  • Surveys: Some surveys require more than one to be completed to unlock the page. Be sure to read the survey requirements on the offer page.
  • Trials: Make sure to fill out the trial with accurate information to unlock the page. Filling them out with bogus info will not result in an unlock.
2.- You will unlock the links. You'll get access to the full resolution Sets and Videos. Files are hosted on MEGA (megaupload) where you can download at the highest speed.

In conclusion, you'll be able to download a lot of Pics and Videos by unlocking a simple survey that will take you only some minutes.


8466648_elizabetas01-wmv.jpg 8466649_elizabetas01_012.jpg 8466650_elizabetas02-wmv.jpg 8466651_elizabetas02_040.jpg 8466652_elizabetas03-wmv.jpg 8466654_elizabetas03_003.jpg 8466655_elizabetas04-wmv.jpg 8466656_elizabetas04_007.jpg 8466658_elizabetas05-wmv.jpg 8466659_elizabetas05_042.jpg 8466660_elizabetas06-wmv.jpg 8466661_elizabetas06_050.jpg 8466662_elizabetas07-wmv.jpg 8466663_elizabetas07_033.jpg 8466664_elizabetas08-wmv.jpg 8466665_elizabetas08_001.jpg 8466666_elizabetas09-wmv.jpg 8466668_elizabetas09_002.jpg 8466670_elizabetas10-wmv.jpg 8466671_elizabetas10_019.jpg 8466672_elizabetas11-wmv.jpg 8466673_elizabetas11_003.jpg 8466674_elizabetas12-wmv.jpg 8466675_elizabetas12_072.jpg 8466676_elizabetas13-wmv.jpg 8466677_elizabetas13_010.jpg 8466679_elizabetas14-wmv.jpg 8466680_elizabetas14_022.jpg 8466681_elizabetas15-wmv.jpg 8466682_elizabetas15_067.jpg

Apr 13, 2013